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Regenerate the Holy Land

The Story

behind the Regenerate the Holy Land project

Many of our Mitzvot can only be fulfilled in the land of Israel... with emphasis on the word land. In biblical times, our society was based on agricultural. Between maaser and terumah, shmitah, korbanot that were brought to the Beit HaMikdash, and myriads of other Mitzvot, it only made sense that a Jewish society was and is meant to be heavily focused on agriculture. This is not to say that other professions should not exist; they always did, always will, and always should exist for a healthy Jewish society.


However, we strongly believe that a Torah-centered life for the average Jew is much more conducive in the context of living on and working the land.

Some may strive for self-sufficiency, while others may simply have a garden, but the bottom line is that Jewish communities would be much more spiritually and physically healthy if we truly had a stake in the land G-d gives us.

Unfortunately, conventional farming practices have depleted the soil, such that the majority of produce we are consuming is lacking in the essential nutrients we need to survive. Regenerative agricultural practices leverage the natural ecosystem that G-d Himself created.


Rather than using pesticides and other harmful chemicals which ultimately damage the soil, the environment, and the health of humans and animals, regenerative agriculture relies upon having a deep understanding of the natural order G-d created in the specific ecosystem in which one seeks to cultivate.


Tapping into the systems and processes G-d already created will enable us to create healthy soil and, therefore, healthy food.

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The Project

Regenerating the Holy Land

Project Highlights:

Date of Inception: 9 Tammuz 5783/June 27, 2023

Projected Fundraising Launch Date: 

5 Elul 5784/September 8, 2024

Objective: To support Israeli farmers and homesteaders to move away from conventional farming methods and toward regenerative agricultural practices by providing education, tools, and resources. To ensure the future of the Land and the Jewish people, and by extension the entire world, by renewing soil health and fertility.

Support Us

how to help Regenerate the Holy Land

Hinuch Institute’s growth and development of projects that serve the Jewish nation relies on those who believe in the mission and approach of Hinuch Institute. If you would like to see these projects come to life, with G-d's help and blessing, partner with us today!


Hinuch Institute Inc is a registered nonprofit under IRS section 501(c)(3). All donations are tax-deductible.

Note: if you are involved in regenerative agriculture, whether in Israel or abroad, and you would like to contribute to this endeavor, please reach out to

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help us

Regenerate the Holy Land

for future generations

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