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The Tanach Film Project

Project Highlights:

Date of Inception: 27 Cheshvan 5783/November 21, 2022

Projected Fundraising Launch Date: 1 Kislev 5784/November 14, 2023

Projected Filming Start Date: 3 Sivan 5784/June 9, 2024

Objective: To create a film series covering everything in the Tanach from Genesis to II Chronicles, as well as an accompanying streaming service which will support this series.

Not long ago, people transmitted stories and ideas through written, drawn, or verbal means. The idea of moving pictures (movies/films) would have sounded ludicrous to someone three hundred years ago. But today, films are ubiquitous.

Everything G-d enables us to create in this world must be measured carefully to see how and if it can serve to truly glorify Him and transmit His teaching to the world. Modern technology facilitates the dissemination of messages in a powerful and efficient way. A speech can travel the globe in seconds, an idea can prompt a worldwide reaction in a few moments. Thus, we believe that media is a powerful medium, a tool which can be leveraged to bring the light of truth to every Jew and ultimately every corner of the world.

Join us as we attempt to bring the essential truth and wisdom of the Tanach to life.


Regenerate the Holy Land

Project Highlights:

Date of Inception: 9 Tammuz 5783/June 27, 2023

Projected Fundraising Launch Date: 5 Elul 5784/September 8, 2024

Objective: To support the settling of the Land of Israel through regenerative agricultural practices. To provide agricultural education, Halachic fluency in agricultural laws (which includes Halacha as it applies to crops as well as livestock), tools, and resources for Israeli farmers, homesteaders, and others invested in cultivating the Land of Israel. To ensure, with G-d's help, the future of the Land and the Jewish people, and by extension the entire world, by renewing soil health and fertility.

Conventional farming practices have depleted the soil, such that the majority of produce we are consuming are lacking in the essential nutrients we need to survive. Regenerative agricultural practices leverage the natural ecosystem. Rather than using pesticides and other harmful chemicals which ultimately damage the soil, the environment, and the health of humans and animals, regenerative agriculture relies upon the natural order of things - in other words, it relies upon how G-d created this earth.

Help us regenerate the Holy Land.

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