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The Tanach Film Project

The Story

behind The Tanach Film Project

Millions of people watch movies and shows on Netflix and Amazon, spending inordinate amounts of time filling their minds with the messages these shows convey.


The Tanach has a timeless message for all of us, and yet this message is being increasingly drowned out on the world stage to the roar of the approving masses.


Instead of ignoring the very real and powerful draw that the screen possesses, it is imperative that we also share the true message.

Unfortunately, our stories from the Tanach are depicted, often inaccurately and with ulterior motives, by non-Jews. Thus, we present to you The Tanach Film Project.


With G-d's help and blessing, the Tanach Film Project has the potential to inspire millions of Jews to be proud of their nation’s Divine heritage.


This is a massive endeavor, that with G-d's help, can give a holistic, conceptual understanding of what transpired. Ultimately, we seek to pique the Jew's interest in his divinely given inheritance and lead him  to open up and study the holy texts.

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The Project

the making of The Tanach Film Project

Project Highlights:

Date of Inception:

27 Cheshvan 5783/November 21, 2022

Projected Fundraising Launch Date:

1 Kislev 5784/November 14, 2023

Projected Filming Start Date: 3 Sivan 5784/June 9, 2024

Objective: To create a film series covering everything in the Tanach from Genesis to II Chronicles, as well as an accompanying streaming service which will support this series.

Meet the Rabbanim

Meet the Rabbanim with whom we will be consulting throughout the production of the series.

Support Us

how to support The Tanach Film Project

Hinuch Institute’s growth and development of projects that serve the Jewish nation relies on those who believe in the mission and approach of Hinuch Institute. If you would like to see these projects come to life, with G-d's help and blessing, partner with us today!

Hinuch Institute Inc is a registered nonprofit under IRS section 501(c)(3). All donations are tax-deductible.

Note: if you are involved in filmmaking and would like to contribute to this endeavor, please reach out to

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help us bring

The Tanach Film Project

to life

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